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It sure is a big trouble creating a lemonade business if you don’t have any water. And that’s what you need to do to help Mickey Mouse here in Where’s My Mickey? – a puzzle mobile game with some nice challenges brought by Disney. The task here is to create a path for the water until it reaches the drain or pipes. Your will need to interact on the screen to erase the sand. There are also stars and a beach ball you can get for each level. Be sure that the water gauge around Mickey Mouse becomes full to complete the level.

Android – https://goo.gl/gyrvQC
iOS – https://goo.gl/EdacRa


Where Is My Mickey is a challenging and fun filled physics based puzzle adventure game where you have to help Mickey collect water. The story goes that on a hot summer day, Mickey, our cute little hero decided to put up a lemonade stand to sell some lemonade, He has lemonade, a bowl and a lot of thirsty customers waiting in line waiting to get refreshed, the only problem is, he doesn’t have water. This is where you come in, you need to help Mickey collect water for his lemonade stand. Water is quite scarce so it will be quite a challenge. The game features a total of five unique episodes for you to explore, each one of these episodes featuring a total of 20 levels each for a total of 100 challenging and fun filled levels, there are also quite a number of collectible here, and if you’re able to collect them all, you just might unlock more bonus levels for you to play and enjoy. And if for some reason you feel like you’re stuck on a level, not to worry as the game features a hint button to help you solve the puzzles. Are you up for a nice Disney adventure puzzle game?, Can you help Mickey collect all the water he needs for his lemonade stand?, Play the game and find out.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are very nice and the designs are classic, the Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters you’ll see here are those that were featured in the 60s and 70s, not the new Mickey Mouse of the modern era. The details are nice too although not really very high. The game environments are pretty as well, each one of the levels used here have varying looks making the game more beautiful and fun. The colors are also great, there is much variety when it comes to color, it also looks bright and vivid giving it a soft and cool look overall. Animations are also smooth, kinda simple really but still nice and pretty. Movements are cool too although there.s nothing really complex here. Music is great and certainly added up to the fun the game offers while the sound effects are simple overall but has variety. The special effects are simple, it doesn’t really feature anything fabulous but it still looked great from start to finish. Overall, the classic Disney designs and the cool presentations made this one looking pretty and nice.


The game is physics based as mentioned earlier, you start out with easy puzzles but it will gradually become more challenging as you move up the levels. the game is also divided into episodes and each episode is made up of 20 levels, and if you do things just right you just might complete all the puzzles in this game, but if not, there is always a hint button to help you out every time you get stuck. Controlling the game is fairly easy too, you only need to swipe, tap and swirl to play the game to the end.


Where Is My Mickey has some cool graphics with classic Disney designs, there are 5 episodes available for you to explore, there are a total of 100 levels all throughout the game, it features collectibles for you to collect and it has simple and easy to use controls for more fun.


This game is really fun but it is not really that easy, I guess that’s why the developers put a hint button that you can use when you get stuck, check it out, this is fun.


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