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The challenge never stops as you control your great cargo-loading vehicle again for the fourth time. Truck Loader 4 is a puzzle and physics game that features new challenging levels. The aim here is to place the boxes or crates inside the truck. To do this, you must control your Truck Loader and grab the crates using your magnet. You must also place these crates on their correct position – otherwise the truck will not leave. Activate the elevators and buttons too by pressing them. There’s a timer here that will record how fast you can solve the challenges. Move quickly to get the best score and rating.


Truck Loader 4 is a challenging and fun little browser game, it is the fourth installment of the truck Loader series of games, it has elements of puzzle and physics and it is as fun and challenging as ever. You’ll be taking charge of a little truck, a forklift if you may and you’ll be required to load a variety of cargo into a bigger truck. Sounds easy?, not really. The game features 30 challenging levels for you to complete, each one of these levels feature a variety of obstacles for you to overcome, there are locked doors that need to be opened, elevators to be activated, switches and levels to be pulled and many more. Indeed, it’s not easy being a truck loader. Fortunately, the little truck is quite flexible and equipped with a magnet, you can use its arm to reach unreachable places, switches and levers, and once you get the cargo, load it to the truck to finish the level, the game also features a countdown timer, the faster you load the cargo, the higher your score will be at the end. So get ready to take on the challenges in the game, see if you have what it takes to beat all the 30 puzzle based levels featured here in Truck Loader 4.

Graphics and Sound

The game graphics look very simple, the designs are crisp though giving the game a fresh and clean look all throughout, the little truck looks great, it is small and quite detailed and really fun to drive around. The game environments too are quite nice, the 30 levels in the game feature different platform designs giving it a fresh look every time. The colors are also pretty, there’s not much variety really but they really look sharp and vivid, also, the colors used blended well with each other making the game more beautiful. Movements and animations are very nice, the truck movement is generally smooth and fluid, it is quite responsive to the controls too, animations are also nice, the animated moving parts of the game are also smooth and although the animations are not very complex, it still looked great as they really are fluid. The music is very nice, it sounded techno and quite absorbing while the sound effect is simple and cool as well. The SFX is simple too, but you won’t mind really as this type of game doesn’t require flashy effects to make it great. Overall, it looks really pretty, it may be very simple but if the designs are this clean, it will still look pretty no matter how you look at it.


Gameplay is quite simple and really straightforward, all you have to do here is to pick up those little crates positioned all throughout the levels and them load them to the truck, when the yellow marker turns green, leave the back of the truck, when the big truck moves, the level ends. If you want to get a higher score at the end of the level, finish the level quickly, the faster you beat it, the higher the score you will get. Controlling the truck is quite simple and easy, the WASD keys controls movements and the mouse controls the arm and the magnet.


Truck Loader 4 has some very simple graphics, there are 30 levels available that you have to complete, it is physics and puzzle based. It also has easy controls for more fun.


The only easy easy parts are the earlier levels, it will get more complex and tricky the higher you go, no worries though, it is not really frustrating.


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