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The Imperial Army is back and they want to seize control of a precious mine deposit. Show your skills how to defend the place in this tower-defense and strategy mobile game known as Steampunk Tower. The main focus here is to defend each gates of the Etherium mine from invading machines or robotic soldiers. You must purchase turrets or cannons and place them on the steampunk tower’s platforms. One of the features here is that you can switch the turret’s position to other empty platforms. Always have a look on the Laboratory to upgrade the cannons or turrets you have for war.

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Steampunk Tower is an exciting and challenging tower defense game where you take control of a defensive tower to protect the etherium mines of Lord Bingham. The Imperial Army is on the march and they are throwing everything they got at you, like foot soldiers, war machines and many more, and it will be up to you to take charge of the tower and protect Lord Bingham’s interests. There are a variety of weapons available at your disposal, like cannons, machine guns, saw launchers and lightning coils to name a few and a lot of upgrades to make your tower more powerful and more effective against the enemies, it will be challenging as the enemies are just as powerful but it will be fun. The game features a total of 20 battlefields for you to conquer, each one of them featuring a variety of enemies, fully equipped and armed to the teeth, and if your tower isn’t powerful enough, the enemies will raze it to the ground for sure. Not to worry too much though as Jane, the head of the research department is on your side, and given enough time, she’ll provide you with the latest weapons research needed to defeat the marauding enemies. Are you up for this challenging Tower defense game?, Do you have what it takes to thwart the enemy attacks and protect the etherium mines?, Play the game, find out.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics look quite stunning, the steampunk designs used here are truly gorgeous, the details are also very high, you can see very small parts in the game which is really great as it makes the game more beautiful. The designs also vary, the different troops and war machines all have different looks making the game quite exciting and really fun. The different environments are cool too, the different battlefields each feature different backdrops for you to behold. The colors are also great, although it generally looks quite dark, everything is still clear as you can still see even the smallest part of the game. Movements and animations are also cool, the animated parts all have smooth animations that looks quite different from the other parts while the movements of the tower’s weaponry are generally smooth. Music and sounds are also cool, the soundtrack is great while the sound effects are quite explosive and bombastic. The special effects are gorgeous, the explosions are very pretty and so are the weapon traces which makes the game so much fun and exciting. Overall, the game really looks stunning no matter how you look at it.


The game is basically a tower defense, your tower is located in the middle and the enemies will attack you on both sides, there are a lot of weapons and upgrades that you can use, and you can deploy them anytime during the battle, you can even rearrange your weapons anytime you want, the combat starts out easy but it will gradually get more challenging as the battle heats up, better upgrade quickly to keep up with the enemy attacks.


Steampunk Tower has some stunning graphics and designs, there are a variety of weapons for you to choose from and a number of upgrades too, there are a total of 20 battlefields you need to conquer and a lot of enemies that you need to defeat, it also has very simple controls to maximize the fun it offers.


The game is so much fun to play but it’s not really very easy, if the weapon combo and positioning isn’t optimal, the enemies will raze your tower to the ground for sure.


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