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Only a “shadowless” warrior can defeat the evil queen. Embark on an action-packed journey in this role playing game called Shadowless! This game also features nice platform and side-scrolling elements. Control your character and enter each door to explore the levels or stages. Use your bow and sword to battle against soldiers or monsters on the platforms. Don’t forget to destroy the crates and open up treasure chests to loot items and gold. You will be able to buy new weapons when you return to the camp using your earning. Not only that, this game also features upgrades for your characters by accepting various quests.


Shadowless is a fun and exciting role playing adventure game where you get to play the character who lost his shadow, The story goes that you are a traveler that has no shadow, you don’t have any idea about yourself nor your past, but you do know that the Queen of Shadows steals peoples shadows to put them under her spell and do her bidding, now you have taken it upon yourself to confront the evil Queen and recover your shadow and learn more about yourself and your past. It will not be an easy task though as the Queen is very powerful and commands an army of evil creatures, and it will take all your skills and all your courage to defeat her for good. Not to worry though as your character is quite skilled in fighting the baddies, he has the ability to use melee and ranged weapons, and there’s a lot to choose from, that’s besides the potions and special powerups that you can buy and acquire throughout the game, don’t take the enemies too lightly though as they are just as powerful and there seems to be a lot of them out there, but if you upgrade your character fast enough and acquire the more powerful weapons, you’ll decimate their ranks pretty quickly. Will you take on the adventure to recover your shadow and learn more about yourself? It’s all up to you.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics certainly look nice for a browser game, the character designs are quite varied and look kinda cute starting from the main character to the NPCs that you will be interacting with and even the enemies and monsters that you will be battling. The game environments are also nice, there are different locations that you will be exploring throughout the game, there are a variety of cool structures, landscape and many more. The colors are also very nice and soft to the eyes, the game looks quite bright and vivid all throughout, there is also much variety when it comes to the colors used which made the game even more beautiful. Movements and animations are also very nice, the character movement is responsive to the controls and the animated parts of the game are also cool, you’ll notice the NPCs are constantly moving to and fro. The game music is also nice and smooth to the ears while sound effect is varied and certainly makes the game more exciting. SFX is simple though, but that doesn’t stop the game from looking pretty and nice. Overall, it looks quite pretty, even with its cartoony designs and presentations.


The game is an adventure type role playing game with elements of hack and slash and as such, there is a lot of fighting and a bit of exploration and interacting with non playable characters, there are also a lot of loot to be collected and sold, you can even use those loot to make your character stronger and more powerful against the enemies. Control is also quite easy to learn, you can use the arrow keys to control movement, X for melee attacks, C for ranged attacks, A to interact and down to open doors, very simple really and easy to learn.


Shadowless features simple but beautiful cartoony graphics, there are a lot of loot to be collected, lots of weapons to use, potions and even special items to help you out. It also has very simple controls for more fun.


Very nice game indeed, I enjoyed upgrading my character and fighting the hordes of enemies the game threw at me. Check it out, this is fun.


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