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The radio-controlled cars are back to dominate the race tracks. See if you still have the skills to win the challenges in this 3D racing mobile game called RE-VOLT 2. Unlike before, you will now have a ladder-style racing events to complete. You will need to win on each race to unlock the next one. Complete all series and your rank will go up. You will receive some coins after each race that you can use to upgrade your RC car. Or you can purchase and unlock another RC car with nicer stats. Here you can now join new modes where you no longer need to get to the finish line.

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Revolt 2 is the sequel to the fun and challenging combat racing game Revolt, and this time, it is cooler than ever, there are cooler tracks and even cooler cars for you to drive and race against your opponents. The game features more types of cars for you to collect, upgrade and race against other players all over the world through facebook, there are formula one cars, sports cars, even truck and monster trucks. There are also a lot of upgrades that you can use, like acceleration to increase your car’s starting speed, top speed to increase your car’s overall speed, stability to make it sturdier and even handling to make it easier to drive especially when you encounter sharp curves on the tracks. There are even a variety of skins for you to collect to make your race cars look cooler than ever. And if you are having a hard time beating your opponents, check out the cooler powerups available for you to use in the races, and if you think you’re feeling lucky, try playing the lucky wheel system and win cool items that you can use in the game. So come on and check it out, if you liked the first one, you’ll surely like this one even more.

Graphics and Sound

The game graphics are stunning, there is a lot of improvements when it comes to graphic designs, especially on the car models, the cars that were featured here seem to have shinier skins and more detailed components, from the overall look of the car all the way down to the smaller parts, details seem to be finer too, not just the cars but also the tracks and environments. And speaking of the game environments, the tracks here seem to be cooler and the designs are much better. Colors are also great, there is much variety when it comes to the colors used and they look more vivid and bright all throughout the game. Movements and animations are as cool as ever, the controls are still very responsive which makes racing the different cars more exciting, while the animated parts are as fluid as ever. Music and sounds are great too, the in game music is really cool and excites you while racing with the other players while the sound effects are quite realistic, and it kinda varies from one type of car to another. Special effects are great, the weapon fire and explosions are a lot prettier compared to the first one and the lighting effects are even cooler. Overall, this is really a great improvement from the first one.


Gameplay is still pretty much the same, it is still a challenging racing game with elements of combat, you can either use you driving skills to beat your competitions to the finish line, or use your weapons and powerups to get them off the track and slow them down for good. Whatever you do, it will all be up to you. And if you think you are good enough, go online and race with your Facebook friends all over the world. Controls are still as responsive as ever, very nice for everyone to use.


Revolt 2 has some stunning graphics and designs from the cars all the way to the race tracks, there are different types of vehicles to choose from, lots of upgrades to make you car faster and easier to handle, lots of powerups to use and it has easy controls for more fun.


Great game, I enjoyed this one a lot more than it’s predecessor, it is more challenging too, especially when you race with other people all over the world.


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