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Ratty the sports-loving rat is back to test his new skills. This time you get to ride a jet ski in this arcade mobile game called Rat On A Jet Ski. What you must do here is finish all the jet ski courses. Each course has a difficulty setting and the new locations will be harder. On each level, you just need to control your rat character and make him jump over the obstacles. Collect the stars and the cheese slices so you can gain points. This rat can also perform stunts like gliding and somersault that will give you more points.

Android – https://goo.gl/O5nPgv
iOS – https://goo.gl/XoE3NM


Rat On A Jet Ski is a fun arcade type driving adventure game where you get to ride a jet ski across the water, yes, Ratty’s back and he’s wackier than ever. Get to control our little rat friend and make your way across the levels. The game features 4 game modes for you to play, there is the course mix which features random courses for you to traverse, the splash rider where you can play endlessly, the rocket duck which also features endless levels and the challenges which features a total of 50 courses for you to master and the chance to earn 1 to 3 stars in every level. Besides driving your jet ski across the levels, you can also do all sorts of stunts for additional points, don’t think the game is easy though as there are a lot of obstacles on the tracks that you need to overcome, there are crocodiles and other animals that you need to evade. And if that ain’t enough, there are also some collectibles scattered all over the tracks for you to collect. So come on and join this fun filled adventure with Ratty, see if you have the right skills to beat all the levels here in Rat On A Jet Ski.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics is simple, it is 2D and side scrolling, the character design is cute, not just Ratty the main character but all the animals as well, details also look nice, although it is not really very high, it still looked nice enough, the environments are kinda pretty too, the different tracks have different designs and beautiful backdrops, the look quite colorful too, the varying colors used are bright and vivid all throughout the game. Movements and animations are very simple but nice, the controls for the character is responsive and brisk while the animated parts of the game are rather fluid and smooth making the game really fun to play. The music and sounds are also nice, although there’s nothing memorable here really the music still sounded nice enough to make the game really fun to play, the sound effects on the other hand is also very simple, nothing complex really and not much variety. The special effects are also simple, you won’t see any of those flashy effects the newer games have but it didn’t really stop the game from looking pretty. Overall, the cute character designs and the colorful presentations were enough to make it looking good all throughout.


The game is fairly simple to play and quite easy to beat, this is not really a very challenging game, all you have to do here is to get to the end of the track while dodging the different obstacles at the same time, you can do stunts for additional points, and even collect bonus items, there are animals on the water that you need to jump over and there are flying animals as well, the game also has very easy controls for everyone to enjoy.


Rat On A Jet Ski has some very simple 2D graphics and cute character designs, there are 4 game modes for you to try, some simple stunts for you to do and some special items for you to collect throughout the levels, it also has simple and easy controls for the younger players to enjoy.


Very nice game and really quite fun, this would be great for the younger players all over the world, check it out, this is a nice time passer for everyone to try.


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