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Piggy in the Puddle 3

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It seems the year is almost about to end and the snowy season has come, but our pigs are still trying to have some fun on that puddle of mud. Piggy on the Puddle 3 is a simple yet challenging puzzle and physics game that will test your wits again on new challenges. The focus here remains the same – to put the pigs inside the basin of mud. You will need the help of other animals in order to solve the puzzles. They can break objects and pull or push things. And don’t forget to collect the acorns to get perfect ratings on that level!



Piggy In The Puddle 3 as the title suggests is the third installment of the series, it still plays very much like the earlier releases but this time the pigs are in the arctic, yes, temperatures may be down but the piggies still long for their muddy puddles, there are 28 fun filled and challenging levels in the game, each one of them features different sets of puzzles for you to solve, they contain different mechanical constructs for you to activate like moving platforms, elevators, pulleys and many more, it’s going to be a challenge getting the pigs to the muddy puddle really but no worries as there are also a lot of funny animals in the levels to help you out like those cute sea lions, monkeys, polar bears and a lot more, the levels also feature 3 acorns for you to collect, the cute pigs simply love the acorns, and the more you collect the higher the rating that will be awarded to you at the end of the level, indeed, it’s going to be a lot of fun helping the pigs get to their muddy puddle…do you have the skills to help them out?, play the game and find out for yourself.

Graphics and Sound

Nothing much has changed when it comes to graphics and presentations, except for the backdrops and the game setting, it used to be in the tropics where it’s warm but now it is in the chilly and cold arctic, character designs are pretty much the same, the funny animals still come in squares and the piggies still have the same shape, round and square, the environments too are pretty much the same, but this time around, you’ll see some ice blocks that you can break, designs are nice though, the foregrounds are made of platforms that feature varying designs and the backdrops are made of snowy mountains and ice caps, colors are still nice by the way as everything is quite crisp and sharp adding to the beauty of the game, while the animations are also cool, movements are smooth as ever…simple movements but really smooth, the music too is still the same making the game feel like a continuation of the first two releases while the sound effects are nice enough, all the animals have their very own featured sound, special visuals are still very simple…pretty basic if I may say so but still nice, overall, there’s really no improvement when it comes to graphics, everything was preserved just the way you like it.


The game is interactive and as such you’ll be clicking on the different objects and animals in the levels to facilitate movement, and if you clicked the animals in the right order, you just might get all the acorns in the levels and receive a high rating at the end, control is simple and easy to use, all you need to play this game is the mouse to click on the different objects and animals in the game, really simple for everyone to enjoy.


Piggy In The Puddle 3 has some very simple and cute graphics, there are a total of 28 challenging and fun filled levels for you to enjoy, lots of animals to interact with and it has very simple mouse controls for everyone to try.


I like this game, all 3 releases are like a part of a single game, from the graphics to the level designs and even the game soundtrack nothing much has changed really, if you enjoyed the earlier releases, you’ll enjoy this one just as much.


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