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Mini Dash is a fantastic and fun filled platform game that has you controlling a cute and adorable character as you traverse across a hazard infested world, your goal is to make it across the levels while dodging and evading an assortment of ingeniously designed deadly obstacles and traps while collecting special items at the same time, it is going to be a challenge and it sure is going to be fun, there are a variety of worlds in the game that you need to traverse, each one designed to test your running and jumping skills, you can make your character run, jump, double jump, wall jump and even stick to the ceiling above, although you can make cool moves, the game is far from easy as there are a lot of obstacles in the game, there are spikes, rollers, fans and many more crazy constructs that you need to avoid as it will hurt your character, there are also quite a lot of hidden locations within the levels, find them all and get the special items that can be found within them, and if you’re lucky enough to reach the exit unharmed, you’ll get to the next level, so come on and play the game, see if you have the skills to survive this trap laden world here in Mini Dash.

Graphics and Sound

Mini Dash has very nice graphics, the character design presented in the game is quite nice and looks kinda cool, the environments are also great, the different locations presented contain very creative traps and obstacles with very nice details, the colors in the game are also great, it is really sharp and vivid making it very nice to look at, the animations are smooth too as can be experienced when you control the character, its movements are really fluid and slick making it very nice to play, music and sounds are also quite great, the in game music is really nice and quite pleasing to the ears while the sound effects in the game are also very good as it is quite varied and not too loud as to disturb you in your game, special effects are quite simple though, but that’s okay as the game doesn’t really need fabulous graphics, overall, the game is looking great, it as very nice designs, fluid movements and ingeniously designed obstacles.


Mini Dash is a platform game as mentioned earlier, and as such, you will be running and jumping across the levels evading traps and dodging obstacles, the obstacles in the game are all over the levels and sometimes there’s hardly room to run and jump, there are also a lot of moving parts in the game so better be careful and choose where you make your character will land, some levels are really very hard to beat, fortunately, there are mushrooms that you can collect and then later use to skip the hard levels, controls are very simple by the way, you only need to use the left and right arrows on the keyboard to move and the up arrow or the spacebar to jump, you can also press and hold on the jump button to stick to walls and ceilings.


Mini Dash features very nice graphics and character design, there are a lot of levels for you to beat, a lot of ingeniously designed traps and obstacles for you to contend to and the game has very simple controls for everyone to use.


Mini Dash is really fun and quite a challenge, the game play is quite fast paced too, if you like running and jumping games, you should definitely check this one out.


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