Heroes of Nox: Galaxy Clash (by Vivid Games S.A.)

Heroes of Nox: Galaxy Clash (by Vivid Games S.A.)

Heroes of Nox: Galaxy Clash (by Vivid Games S.A.) Download

Heroes of Nox: Galaxy Clash (by Vivid Games S.A.) Online

Heroes of Nox: Galaxy Clash by Vivid Games S.A. (iOS/Android)

Assemble your team and embark on this epic, action-packed space adventure featuring heroes from across the universe! This exciting free online game combines the explosiveness of sci-fi adventure games with the strategy of an RPG. Build your army of heroes, clash against enemy aliens, and conquer the galaxies of NOX!

From the creators of Vikings Gone Wild comes a fun all-in- one alien shooting, roleplaying, and action game!

Discover and battle through an interstellar world with powerful characters from across the galaxies!

Battle through levels across the worlds of NOX by fighting aliens and defeating challenging bosses. As you advance, unlock over 25 different superheroes with unique abilities from different corners of the 3 September 19, 2016 universe. Upgrade your heroes by collecting parts to build hundreds of powerful weapons from explosive guns to armors to assemble your ultimate team!

Space Survival Game Meets RPG Strategy Game!

Heroes of Nox is more than an alien shooting game. It incorporates the tactics of a challenging realtime strategy game or RPG to provide an action packed space adventure. Put your strategy into action as you clash and fight the army of evil aliens and bosses on every planet across this intergalactic world.

Solo and Multiplayer Game Modes!

Feeling like an army of one? Conquer and travel the world of NOX on your own in the addictive single-player adventure mode. Looking for company? Gather your squad and play with friends in online multiplayer game modes. Join forces in co-op mode or clash against friends in competitive faction wars and space raids!

Additional Intergalactic Features

Fast-paced auto-battler gameplay in fun battle arenas across the galaxies

Hundreds of weapons and hero combinations so you can build your perfect clan

Immersive online multiplayer experience including live chats as you play

The best graphics of any space opera game out there







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