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Fractured 2 is the sequel to Fractured, a fun little adventure type browser game wherein you need to help the little girl find her father, it won’t be easy though as the environments are broken into pictures just like in the jigsaw puzzles, you start out easy with just a few pieces, but eventually, the game will become more complex with the environments broken into several broken pictures, some of them are even upside down making it harder to reach the portal in every level, and if you fail to reach the portal, the little girl will never find her lost father. The game features a lot of levels for you to complete, each one of them having a different set of obstacles that you need to overcome, and each one of the levels are broken into different pieces. Indeed, it is going to be hard reuniting the little girl with her father, you’ll need to run and jump across a variety of platforms, some of them are not what they seem, but if you’re good enough, father and daughter might just see each other in the end. Are you up for a little puzzle adventure?, Check out the game and find out if you have what it takes to help the little girl find her father.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are simple, comparing to the first one, it still looked pretty much the same, but this time around, the main character is now a little girl instead of a little boy. The character details seem nice too, it’s not very complicated when it comes to details but it still looked pretty nice overall. The environments are cool too, it features different platform designs that you can explore. the colors are great, it features different lush colors that are really soft to the eyes and very nice to look at. Movements are responsive to the controls while the animations in the game are rather simple but really smooth and fluid, making the game much more fun to play. Music is just like in the first release, it is still quite subtle, there’s nothing bombastic or explosive. Sound effects on the other hand is really simple, you’ll probably hardly ever notice there’s a sound effect. The special effect is simple as well, there’s really nothing new here. Overall, the game looks quite nice, it has simple presentations and designs from start to finish.


If you played the first release, this game plays exactly like it, even the task is the same, you still need to explore the broken pieces of pictures and find your way to the portal, you can run and jump all you want, don’t be afraid of falling as there is no death here, if you fall off, your character goes back to the starting point and you can start all over again, controlling the game is also quite easy, you can use the arrow keys to move and jump, really simple for everyone to try and use.


Fractured 2 has some simple graphics and designs from the main character to the different environments, there are multiple levels for you to explore, and it has very simple controls for everyone to try.


I played the first game and it really plays just like it, if you liked the first release, I bet you’ll like this one just as much as it is practically just like it, the game starts out easy but gets really challenging after a few levels, better check this one out if you’re looking for a different kind of puzzle game.


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