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Fractured is a challenging and fun platform puzzle game that let’s you take control of a boy and help him find the portal, it will not be easy though as the environments features in the levels are broken or fractured, it literally looks like a jigsaw puzzle and will only come together and show the real picture once you touch the portal, and if you’re good enough, you’ll see the bigger picture and probably see the real story behind the boy. It starts out quite easy, there are only a few pieces of the broken picture, but very soon, it will become more complex, the higher you go up the level, the more pieces the broken picture has. Indeed, it is going to be tough helping the boy get to the portal. It will take a keen perception of the environments to be able to get to the exit. So will you take on the challenge and help the lost little boy find the portal and his way home?, Do you have enough puzzle skills and brain power to be able to complete all the featured levels in the game?, You’ll have to play it and find out yourself.

Graphics and Sound

The game features some simple character and environmental designs, it looks cartoony and is in 2D and looks kinda flat, it looks quite nice though, the character design is very simple, the main character is rather nice with its big head, hat and small limbs. Details aren’t really that high but it still looked nice enough. The environments too are very simple, the different levels are made up of different pictures that feature varying platform designs and vegetation. The movements and the animations are also cool, the character is pretty responsive to the controls and the movement of the animated parts of the game are also simple and smooth. The colors are great, the color combinations are pretty soft to the eyes and the game features a variety of colors all throughout, it also looks bright and vivid from start to finish. Music and sounds are cool too, the in game music is quite nostalgic and quite soft to the ears while the sound effect is very simple and quite subtle. The special effects are nice too, and although it doesn’t feature anything fabulous, it still looked kinda nice generally. Overall, the game is looking quite pretty even with the simple designs and presentation.


The gameplay is quite simple, all you got to do here is to help the boy get to the portal, but actually doing it is not that easy though, the environment is like a jigsaw puzzle, the levels are broken into several pieces that you need to go through, you’ll probably find yourself going back to the starting point most of the time, the early levels are pretty simple too, but the higher you go, the more difficult it becomes. Controlling the character is quite simple, all you need to use is the arrow keys on the keyboard to move around and jump.


Fractured has some very simple character and environmental designs, it features a number of levels for you to solve, it also features a jigsaw puzzle like environments for you to go through and it has very simple and very easy to use controls for everyone to enjoy.


This game is quite a challenge and really not that easy, most of the time, I find my character falling down from one piece of the picture to another, it gets quite confusing on the higher levels where there are quite a number of broken pieces. Try it, challenge yourself.


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