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Dustoff heli rescue 2

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You are back in the helipad again and your mission in rescuing people continues. Learn the rules of flying a helicopter here in Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 – a challenging 3D mobile flying game with some nice twists. You will be given a mission to rescue wounded soldiers from the war. Be sure to control and balance your helicopter carefully or else it will take some damage. Not only that, you will need to use your helicopter to attack enemy tanks, helicopters, and soldiers too. You will be able to unlock other weapons too for your helicopter. Always use your coins to purchase repairs and extra ammunition.

Android – https://goo.gl/w0RdCc
iOS – https://goo.gl/cKCFDI


Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 is a challenging and fun action packed arcade type adventure game and is the sequel to Dustoff Heli Rescue, it has twice the action and twice the fun. You get to control your own chopper and go on missions within the enemy territory, it will be a challenge and it will be fun. The game offers a total of 30 challenging missions for you to complete, they range from battling the enemies, air assault, rescuing prisoners of war, building bridges and towers, and even providing escorts to VIP convoys and many more, there are also 9 cool helicopters for you to fly, each one of them having their own looks and characteristics, there are also 11 cool and powerful weapons in your arsenal, each type was designed to dish out maximum damage to the enemy. But don’t take the game too lightly though as the enemies are just as powerful and well equipped, they are armed with the best weaponry and war machines and they’re going to throw everything they got at you, and if your combat skills aren’t high enough, your helicopter will be blasted out of the sky for sure. So come and join the adventure and see how many prisoners you can save here in Dustoff Heli Rescue 2.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are blocky but really pretty, it looks like Minecraft too, but this ones seems to be finer and have better textures, the helicopter designs are very nice too, the models are varied and look really cool even with their blocky looks, details aren’t high but everything still looked nice and pretty. The environments are great too, the different locations such as deserts, forests, mines, swamps and more all have distinct looks. The colors are great too, the colors used are vivid and bright and certainly contributed to the cool looks of the game, it really looks quite soft and nice to look at. Movements and animations are smooth, the moving parts have varied and fluid animations while the choppers have very nice and responsive controls, even the weapon fire looks great. Music sounds pretty cool and makes the experience more exciting while the sound effects are rather explosive making the combat really fun. The special effects on the other hand are nice too it my look simple but the weapon traces and the explosions together with the lighting effects really made this one rather looking great. Overall, the designs may be blocky and simple but the textures are rather pretty making it looking cool all throughout.


The game is an action adventure as mentioned earlier, you will be tasked to go on a variety of missions ranging from saving your comrades to escorting military trucks and many more, the missions may be varied but they have one thing in common, you will be confronted by a lot of enemies. You will be deployed in different locations and use a variety of attack helicopters with a variety of weaponry in your arsenal, and if you’re good enough, you just make make it to the end of the game.


Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 has some simple and Minecraft like graphics and designs, there are a variety of locations for you to explore, 9 helicopters to use and 11 awesome weapons, it also uses simple controls to maximize fun.


Great game and certainly looks better than the first one, it is also quite challenging as there are really a lot of enemies you need to take down, if you like Minecraft, check this one out.


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