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Double Win is a fun and casual puzzle game where you will be controlling a cute creature and help it collect the hearts in all the levels, you will take control of Gombo initially and will later need to spawn small copy of himself called a Gombite to be able to solve the puzzles, there are 18 fun filled and challenging levels in the game, each one of them presents you with different sets of problems to solve, there are switches and levers to activate and platforms and gaps to overcome, it will be quite challenging but it will be fun for sure, you need to take control of each character simultaneously to be able to achieve your goals, to create a Gombite, you only need to press the space bar, Gombo will spawn a little Gombite but will put him to sleep, you can switch control between the two of them actually and when control is reverted back to Gombo, the little Gombite disappears, indeed, it is going to be a lot of fun helping this cute little creature gather all his heart throughout the levels, so do you have the heart to help him out?, are your puzzle solving skills good enough to beat all 18 levels of the game?, check it out and see for yourself.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in the game are very simple but they are certainly very cute, the character designs are simple too, and there’s not much detail in them but they kinda look truly cute and cuddly, the environments too have very simple designs, there’s nothing really spectacular here but just plain and simple graphics, the different levels also have simple platforms and very simple obstacles that can only be solved with teamwork between the 2 characters, colors are great, they are vivid and crisp giving the game a clean cut look from start to finish, animations and movements are also generally smooth, controls are responsive and the moving parts of the game are quite fluid which is quite nice to see and makes the game more fun, music sounded cool and it doesn’t take your mind off the game while sound effects are nice enough, not the best there is but still good enough as it also makes the game quite fun, special effects are simple and basic by the way, there’s definitely nothing flashy in here, overall, the game’s simple character designs and environments made it look quite nice and pretty all throughout.


This is fun, and gameplay is quite simple, the key to this game is teamwork, you need to use both characters to achieve your goals otherwise you won’t be able to accomplish anything, the task is also quite simple, all you need to do is get the heart in every level to beat the game, it won’t be an easy task as there are really a lot of obstacles in the game, but if you utilize both characters properly, you won’t have any problem here, control is simple and easy to use, the WASD moves the character and the space bar spawns a Gombite.


Double Win features simple graphics, character designs are cute and look quite cuddly, the characters literally look like stuffed toys, there are 18 fun puzzle levels you need to go through and it uses simple controls to play the game through.


The game is quite fun but the puzzles presented in the game are really quite simple and easy to solve, this would be great for the younger players out there and a cool time passer for the older ones.


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