Cloud Pirates – Gold Rush Gameplay

Allods Team and are proud to present new gameplay mode “Convoy”, coming in Update 1.1 “Gold Rush”!

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In the Convoy Mode, a team of 7 Cloud Pirate captains are tasked with protecting a convoy carrying precious ore through a treacherous labyrinth of floating rocks and other obstacles. The second team of 7 captains is tasked with destroying the convoy and capturing its contents!

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What is Cloud Pirates?

A thousand years ago the world of Sarnaut was split by a cataclysm into countless islands dri ing through the Astral space. Before long, people invented flying ships to travel from island to island, and found artifacts & treasures everywhere. Treasure hunters began to form squadrons, and equipped their airships with various weaponry to protect themselves in their hunt for riches. Bands of Cloud Pirates, as people called them, began to fight each other for the right to plunder the skies…

Ready your airship, band together with your comrades in arms, and claim what is yours! For profit and glory!

Deck out your pirate airship with cutting edge weaponry in Cloud Pirates, an action MMO in which you fire your cannons to crush the enemy in fast-paced aerial battles!

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