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Explore an exciting new world with block-art animal characters. Cliffy Jump is a simple yet challenging run-and-jump mobile game in a cartoon style 3D world. Your main objective here is to simply help your animal character reach the end of the platform safely. You will just need to tap the screen so that they can jump over the blocks, gaps, and other spiky traps. Each world has a certain percentage that needs to be explored. Once you have cleared the area, a new world will be unlocked. There are also hidden animal characters in these areas that you can find and collect.

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Cliffy Jump is a challenging endless running game played in top down isometric view, the game doesn’t feature a compelling storyline you need to follow but a pure run and jump fun all the way to the end. The game offers a total of 17 beautifully designed worlds having 10 zones each that you can explore and a total of 70 hidden characters that you can unlock, you can either buy them with the coins that you collect or buy them through IAPs. If you think you’ve seen it all (endless runners)…think again. the levels are quite short, and if you die, you go back to the start, unless of course you have the revival powerup which costs 150 coins. You start the game easy which is great as it will give you the chance to get the feel of the game, but things get harder pretty quickly as it gradually becomes harder every time you start a new level, and by the time you finish the first location, the gameplay would have felt a bit frantic. So do you think you can completely explore all the locations in the game?, Check it out and see if you have enough skills to beat all 17 levels of it.

Graphics and Sound

The game’s graphics is in voxel arts, it looks very simple but kinda pretty still, if you have played Minecraft, it looks just like it, only finer. The character designs are nice, they look cubic but they are really cute and pretty, and there are a lot of them to choose from, details aren’t high though but that’s expected when it comes to voxel arts, the environmental designs are nice too and although details aren’t really fine, it still looked great as the different location have varying looks that sets it apart from the rest. The colors are also very nice and kinda soft to the eyes, they are vivid and bright all throughout and features a variety of colors for you to behold. Movements and animations are nice too, the character movements are brisk and very responsive which makes the game very exciting and fun to play, while the animation on the other hand are also smooth, every moving part has its own fluid movement. Music is generally nice and if you think it’s bad, you can always turn it off, sound effect is nice as well, not enough variety but nice enough to keep you playing. The special effects are very simple, nothing spectacular here really, Overall, it looked great, it may not be detailed enough but it still looked quite pretty and attractive.


The game is pretty simple, you only need to survive the levels to complete it, there will be obstacles but if you’re quick enough, there shouldn’t be any problem at all. the controls are also very simple, all it takes are taps to play it through, this would be great for everyone to play, even the younger players will probably find the gameplay pretty easy and fun.


Cliffy Jump has some very simple graphics, it is in voxel arts just like in Minecraft, there are a total of 70 cool characters that can be unlocked, and it has 17 cool worlds for you to explore, it also has very simple tap controls for everyone to use and enjoy.


I like the short levels, it makes it less boring, but this game is quite a challenge though, you’ll need quick reaction time to play the game through the end, if you like endless runners, you should check this one out.


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